Highly Visible, Visibly Green

greenBOARDS' LED billboards give you exceptional value for your advertising dollar.

Our first board has great site lines—something we will focus on for all locations to come—and high traffic, catching westbound traffic out of Toronto.

We are also VISIBLY GREEN. As an advertiser on one of our greenBOARDS you will be seen as environmentally conscious. The large solar array can be seen from as far away as the sign itself and stands out from all of the other boards on the road.

With the size of the board and the solar array, this isn’t only an iconic location from an advertising perspective, it’s a landmark people use when giving driving directions and trying to find their way to Pearson Airport.

Up-time and reliability

GreenBOARDS maintains the performance of their digital boards 24 hrs. per day, 7 days per week. Spare parts are in stock and experienced technicians are available to repair the boards in the most timely manner.

At green BOARDS we believe in preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary problems.

Advanced Software

GreenBOARD' LED billboards are run by sophisticated software that monitors temperature, air circulation, door status and motion, pixel damage. Real-time reporting provides accurate information and can detect vandalism or unauthorized activity. If necessary, a hardware signal can be sent to shut down the billboard.

Yellow Baanner

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