Highly Visible, Visibly Green


Each greenBOARD has its own solar panel array that creates enough energy from the sun each day to power two digital billboards for twenty-four hours. The surplus energy is uploaded to the power grid adding to the electrical power available for consumption by the public.

greenBOARDS' solar-powered digital billboards are a green approach for your out of home advertising

On each greenBOARD billboard you can see its attached solar panel array that powers its 14 ft. X 48 ft. LED screen. This solar panel array rotates to follow the sun throughout the day to maximize its power generating capability. As a result, each board is its own source of energy. You get your message displayed in the best LED screen technology and its brought to your customers without any impact on the power grid. How cool is that?

Electronic files remotely updated

  • ads are digital files and don’t have to be printed on paper or vinyl
  • no inks are used in ad production
  • trucks do not have to be sent to the site to change ads

Choosing a greenBoard is a choice for the environment.

Yellow Banner

Solar Panel

Each of our boards will have an attached solar array that provides its power requirements during daylight hours and uploads any surplus power to the grid. Above is one of the solar panels being added to a billboard.