Highly Visible, Visibly Green

Citytv needed a different message every day? No problem.

Citytv wanted to advertise their 9:00pm time slot. Easy. Every day they can run a different ad to match their evening or next day programming. Even better, if they want to advertise their 9:00 AM time slot and their 12noon time slot they can do that too. They can change their ad by hour, day, week, special event and more!

Digital Billboards are creatively flexible and let you change...

• your message
• when your customer will see it

It’s a new age in Out of Home advertising. Now you have the flexibility to change your message and select when it needs to be seen.

The right message at the right time

Whether you are building a brand or promoting an event digital billboards offer the flexibility you need to use the medium in the best way that suits your message.

What do you have to say?

Greenboards’ digital billboards can accommodate:

  • multiple messages per day, week, month etc.
  • time sensitive messages e.g. special events
  • messages that count down
  • sequential messages that tell a story
  • location specific messages
  • emergency messages
  • public service messages

And, it takes us only minutes or hours to institute a change because we upload your art remotely.

Yellow Banner

Digital Billboard Flexibility

CityTV signed up for one spot (six seconds out of every minute) but used it to deliver multiple messages. You can run any number of ads and base them on the time of day, day, week or special event etc. that suits your marketing needs best.