Highly Visible, Visibly Green

Do you have a tip for creating a great digital billboard?

Send it to us by e-mail and we will add it to our list and give you the credit. This is a list from some of our designers.

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Creative tips for digital billboards

  1. Start with a great idea—because large format Digital makes your idea big—whether it is a good one or not.
  2. Remember: less is more and simplicity is supreme.
  3. Go for big impact!
  4. Headlines should be large and short.
  5. Use everyday words.
  6. Use strong fonts that are easily read.
  7. Upper and lowercase headlines are easier to read.
  8. Ornate fonts or fonts with thin strokes are harder to read.
  9. Use strong graphics. Preferably only one image.
  10. Bright colours work best.
  11. Use high contrast so it can be easily seen.
  12. Have your pictures and copy complement each other instead of saying the same thing. When you do this well it magnifies your message.
  13. Stand away from your computer to test the readability of your headline at a distance.
  14. Can you use the board's location to your advantage?
  15. Would your ad be better if it had multiple versions to fit the time of day, day, or week? See example on our "Creatively Flexible" Page.
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